Arrowjam at U.C. Davis

Dance and Lip Sync Competition at U.C. Davis
4 camera shoot and DVD Video Produced by Robert C. O'Ferrall (video is in flash format)

Performance 2 - Chi Omega
Performance 3 - Chi Phi 3rd Place
Performance 4 - Sigma Phi Epsilon 1st Place
Performance 5 - Kappa Kappa Gamma
Performance 6 - Theta Xi
Performance 7 - Delta Lambda Phi
Performance 8 - Delta Gamma
Performance 9 - Lambda Chi Alpha
Performance 10 - Sigma Chi
Performance 11 - Kappa Alpha Theta
Performance 12 - Delta Chi
Performance 13 - Delta Delta Delta 1st Place
Performance 14 - Delta Sigma Phi 2nd Place
Performance 15 - Alpha Chi Omega 2nd Place
Performance 16 - Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi
Performance 17 - Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Performance 18 - Alpha Phi 3rd Place
Performance 19 - Kappa Alpha

Arrowjam 2008 DVD Case Design - The Winners are in Blue, 2nd Place in Red, Third Place in Yellow
We Produced 50 Arrowjam DVD's
The Above is the original Case Design,
     the disc was printed with a matching design.

The Winners are marked by the blue circles,
  2nd Place in red circles,
     3rd Place in yellow circles.

Chi Omega Arrowjam U.C. Davis
Photo of Chi Omega

Lambda Chi Alpha Arrowjam U.C. Davis
Lambda Chi Alpha

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Arrowjam U.C. Davis
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi
at Arrowjam U.C. Davis
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